Price & Cost

     CTD offers the most competitive quote with accurate and timely service for our clients. We guarantees you will always get the lowest cost service.Our jobs are typically quoted on a total cost basis up front, allowing customers to make effective decisions beforehand, and avoiding cost overruns. For some complex projects, we can offer you quote for several steps and control the total cost under lowest level.

    We wish to establish long-term partnership with our clients and are committed to total customer satisfaction. If you are interested in receiving a free quote for your engineering problems, please Contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours concerning your request. 


1. What does CTD do?

Our consulting services included but not limited to the following:

    ☉ Mold Designing

    ☉ Moldflow Analysing

    ☉ Checking Fixture Designing

2.  Why Choose CTD?

     ☉Experience and Reliable:

All of our engineers are drawn from industry and have more than 10 years'  design and engineering  experience, most of us have Bachelor  or Master's degree of mechanical/structure engineering.Our excellent engineering solution skill guaranteed the accurate and quick service.


Our engineers have professional experience on our service fields, we can quickly determinate and create model from your drawings and specifications or directly import your CAD models to save you time and money. 

     ☉Lowest cost:

Our team are from China, the cost should be much lower than Europe and American, that helps us save much material and overhead expense, which enable us offer you the best service under the lowest cost.

3.  How to send your request to CTD?

      ☉ Simply contact us using your conventional e-mail system and attach your design to it using any standard CAD file format. If the attachment is too big for the e-mail, you can contact us to fix it .

      ☉ When sending us your design, don't forget to include as much information as possible. The hardest part for us is defining exactly what your specific requirement. The more information that we have, the quicker we can get you a fully comprehensive quote.

4.  What is the payment terms ?

      ☉ 50% Deposit against PO, 50% after final design confirmed and within one week.

5.  Does CTD has mold making service ?

     ☉ Our cooperation partner in China can offer mold & checking fixture making service for you if you need.


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